What is the Fearless Women Mentorship Program? 

The Fearless women Mentorship Program is a program for women who are ready to conquer their fears and live boldly in their Identity and purpose! This program was birthed out of Natasha's passion to see women to truly live out the life God has called them to live!  

Natasha recognized that a lot of women struggled with insecurities and fear in regards to truly stepping out on what God has placed on their hearts to do. 

In this program Natasha will equip you with the encouragement, steps and wisdom needed to accomplish the goals and vison you have for your life!

 Fearless Women Alumni 

Here are some testimonials from a few of our Fearless women Alumni whose lives were changed while being apart of Natasha's last Fearless Womens Mentorship Group. These Women have overcome their fears and are now moving in boldness and courage towards their goals and purpose.

Akilah Alleyne

College Student

Today I walk confidently and obediently in the Word, and I wear my crown proudly as a woman of God.
I didn't know how broken I was, and I am so proud of who I have become over the past 3 months.

Stacy Savage


I often felt like my voice or what I had to say didn't matter. As a result, I'd not speak up so I purposely decided to speak up and be engaging during our sessions. After starting the program I I have started interviewing for other positions.

Lauren Spruil


I have gained a better understanding on what it truly means to be BOLD and FEARLESS. The program has helped me to walk further into my destiny without worrying about what others may think or feel.

What do I do next?

We are so excited that you are choosing to join and be apart of the Fearless Women Mentorship Program. This will be a four month intesive course on how to shatter your fears and become FEARLESS in your pursuit of purpose!

Step 1: Purchase Application

In order to only get those who are serious about investing into this program...their is a refundable  appilication fee of $50.

Step 2: Complete Application

Your application will help us to determine if this program is best for the season you are in.

Step 3: Wait to be contacted

Wait to be contacted within 7-12 days regarding your application status.

Fearless Womens Mentorship Program Founder & Lead Mentor

Natasha Miller is a daughter of God, a wife, a mother, pastor and the cofounder of Married and Young ; a site dedicated to helping men and women establish a healthy foundation for marriage. Natasha loves helping women discover their true purpose and live the life God has called them to live!

Natasha Miller
Founder & Lead Mentor

JUNE 2019 - AUGUST 2019